Old and new book reviews to be added to M&M blog!

In Uncategorized on July 4, 2011 at 3:20 pm

As many of you know, the Gagliani half of the team of Benton & Gagliani has been a book reviewer since 1986. His book reviews, articles, interviews and other nonfiction have appeared in publications such as The Milwaukee Journal SentinelCemetery Dance, HorrorWorld, Chizine (The Chiaroscuro), Hellnotes, BookLoversBookPageHorror Magazine, The Scream Factory, Flesh & Blood, Bare Bones, and various others. A rather lengthy list of reviews written originally for The Chiaroscuro can be found in alphabetical order by title at Of course a fair number of reviews have also been posted at over the last few years. Some of those older (“classic”) reviews will now be posted to this blog for your “blast from the past” enjoyment. They have all appeared somewhere before, and they represent some of W.D. Gagliani’s favorites over the years. Newer reviews will also start appearing here, mostly just following the patterns of his reading. Enjoy!


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