Here we go.

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Oh no, a blog.

That’s how we feel, too.

We thought it would be fair to start things off with a little explanation of why we’re doing this and what you can expect to find here. A mission statement, if you will.

First off, the why. If you think we’re trying to sell you something then you’re absolutely right. For the most part, this blog is being created as a promotional tool. Our literary agent – representing our collaborative works for young readers – suggested to us several months ago that we start a blog to promote our work. We’ve been hesitant.

Undoubtedly blogging can be a great way reach fans and potential fans. It’s a  forum where we can tell people what we’re working on as individuals and as a collaborative team, explain where the ideas come from, give an indication of how our creative processes work, and do so in a somewhat personal manner. It can make whoever might read this feel like a participant rather than an observer, a confidant rather than an outsider.

But there’s the other side too. Are we really egotistical enough to think that people care what we’re up to? Is anyone going to want to read about our insights and opinions? Do we have enough to say to post on a regular basis? Do we even have time to write a blog?

The answer to all those questions was: NO. Thus the hesitation. But the idea kept nagging.

Until one day, in the Starbuck’s that sometimes doubles as Bill’s office, while working on yet another round of rewrites, we started putting some thoughts together.

What if, instead of writing a blog purely devoted to our literary aspirations, we opened it up to encompass all of our artistic interests? After all, a mutual appreciation of 70s progressive rock was a cornerstone of our collaboration in the first place. On top of that, what if we could bring in a troupe of guest bloggers and regular columnists to chime in with their respective takes on art in all of its forms? Scarcely do you find a writer who isn’t also a musician, or a musician who isn’t also and artist, or an artist who isn’t also a poet.

So what can you expect to find here? A torchsong for the Muses.

In the days and weeks ahead, we’ll attempt to gather some like and unlike-minded people to come here occasionally and rant about something of interest to them. Hopefully it will also be of interest to you.

And if you’re wondering where the blog’s name, Mysteries & Mayhem, came from, it’s an early song by the American progressive rock band Kansas, but more importantly it’s the title of the collection of our published collaborative pieces, which we are currently preparing for the ebook market.

Ah, promotion can be such a beautiful thing…

David Benton

W.D. Gagliani



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